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Time to Join the Party!

Deciding to start your own business can be an intimidating and overwhelming process full of questions: Where do I begin?  What supplies will I need?  Will I be successful?  Diving into a traditional business requires astronomical costs, loads of stress, and months of planning which are usually followed by years of struggling before you can become profitable.

When starting a new Paparazzi business, you are ‘in the black’ from day one.  A $300 Starter Kit is immediately valued at $500 and any unsold inventory becomes an asset that retains its value for the next month.  No other company offers this kind of opportunity!  Nutritional supplements or makeup are consumed right away; leaving you with an empty wallet and nothing to show for it.

During the month of January, a Starter Kit purchase will pack a little more punch because it will include 15% more accessories for FREE!  In addition to the FREE enrollment fee and all of the sales tools you need to throw an unforgettable launch party already included in the Starter Kits, your new team members will find extra inventory which means extra income!  The Founders have picked out their favorites and we’ve thrown in some bestsellers to add to the Starter Kits throughout the month of January:  Citrus necklaces, black earrings, and silver bracelets – to name a few.

There has never been a better time to join Paparazzi! Celebrate the New Year by sharing this opportunity of a fabulously fashionable fresh new start with everyone you meet.  Not only will you be opening a door for them; you’ll be heading into 2013 with a stronger team – setting you up for an amazing year!

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